Atrium Access Control

The Atrium Access Control system is the perfect option for someone with multiple locations and lots of people needing controlled access. This system can handle up to 10,000 users and 100 doors. That means that you all your employees can have access to specific areas that are relevant to their role in the company.  Atrium Access Control also offers live video stream, email notification, and burglar alarms. Plus, with the unique Atrium Access Control, you’ll be able to securely manage your system anywhere there is an internet connection- with dedicated PC costs. 

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Choose the entry method that is most convenient for your staff, including: proximity readers, proximity keyfobs, peel and stick proximity tag, and even card access. These methods of entry can easily be integrated with already required materials, such as on the back of a badge.


Atrium Access Control

The Atrium Access Control has an embedded web server, pre-assembled universal power supply, camera integration, smart expander, and auto-detect modules.The user-friendly design makes it simple to install and easy to operate and maintain. The NetAXS system gives you all the benefits of traditional access control, such as securing doors, managing employee access, and the ability to manage sites remotely. 

Compliance: Don’t only see who is going in and out of your building, take charge of it.  With Atrium Access Control, you are able to pull reports easily from to system, perfect for meeting compliance requirements.


atrium access control


Using The System: Train on this system when it’s convenient for you, the browser-based interface with decrease your learning curve and training time is significantly decreased. Even more helpful, this can reduced installation and support costs for you. The Atrium Access Control allows you to purchase the exact amount of access control you need now- and add additional doors later, as your business grows.


What you get with the Atrium Access Control System: 100 door capacity, embedded web server, PoE+ Option, pre-assembled universal power supply, auto-detect modules, free software, auto-resume fuseless technology, IP camera viewer, email notification, and intrusion integration.


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