Fire-Lite Alarm

When you are looking for the ultimate protection against fires and the damage they can cause, look no further than Fire-Lite alarm systems. Fire-Lite provides homeowners and business owners with all the functions they want when it comes to protecting the people and things they love. Choose between a variety of products to get the customize system your property needs.

Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 8.32.16 AMAddressable Fire Alarm Control Panels

Available in a variety of different sizes, the Fire-Lite control panel is easily programed  and programed to need your specific needs. Additionally this addressable point identification system allows for NAC synchronization and digital communication.


Conventional Fire Alarm Control Panels

Simplicity is the key with conventional fire alarm control panels, including easy installation, programing, and operation. These are a popular choice, as they can be divided into increase zones, up to ten, to meet local, state, and national requirements. 



SWIFT Wireless Fire Alarm System

Utilizing a mesh technology, this system communicates between their Salt Lake City based gateway to different wireless devices. The SWIFT solution is known for its high-quality and reliability.

Emergency Command Center

If you’re a business that needs mass, multi-zoned notifications about fire evacuations, this is the system for you. Our certified technician can install Fire-Lite and maintain the system for you. Included in the Emergency Command Center: primary operator console, audio amplifiers for distribution, remote telephone zone module, local operator console, remote page unit, remote microphone, fire-fighter telephone.



Products and Accessories:

Communicators: Each of the Fire-Lite communicator products are reliable and compatible with most fire alarm control panels , and offer IP, GSM, or telephone service connectivity to an off-site monitoring facility.

Power Supply: Power supplies offer built-in strobe synchronization and battery backup, and charging abilities.

Release Panels: Release panels are great for secure existing in case of fire. Each is easily programed through templates.

Pull Stations: We offer a variety of different pull stations, both conventional and addressable through Fire-Lite.

Annunicators: Our annunciators provide system status indicators for conditions such as AC power, alarm, supervisory.

*If your signal isn’t strong enough, we can add a fire radio to restore your fire panel!