Honeywell Vista-128FBP


Don’t leave your business’ safety in the hands of chance, protect it with the Honeywell Vista-128FBP security system. A products of Honeywell, the world’s largest manufacturer of security systems, its quality is trusted by thousands of business owners in the Portland area alone. Keep reading to find out if this system is a good fit for you.

Gone are the days of one form of protection. With the Honeywell Vista-128FBP system you are covered on all three fronts: burglary, fire, and emergency. Additionally, this system can handle up to 128 zones, 150 different user codes, and has a storage of up to 512 event logs.

Each security system is fully equipped; including:

  • Keypad for full control of system
  • Perimeter protectors
  • Smoke and combustion detectors


Honeywell Vista-128FBP


Protect entries, exits, and windows with zones that the Honeywell Vista-128FBP system provides. Its 128 zones ensure that you can divide your business into smaller sections, making sure that every square inch of your business is monitored. Sensing devices can be placed at all windows, entries, and exits. Each zone is assigned a specific number, and if disaster strikes, you’ll easily be able to see on your display, the location of the incident. Assign specific alarm for different events: window breaks, entries, and even fires. From your keypad display you’ll be able to see a full list of what occurred and where it occurred, so you always know what’s happening at your business.


honeywell fire alarm systems


Nothing is more devastating to a business, than a fire. A proper fire alarm system can help you avoid and eliminate the tragedy when it occurs. The Honeywell Vista-128FBP system provides an exceptional fire alarm system. It can detect and warn customers and employees when fires strike.

To protect your business from burglary, simply turn on the burglary function on the Honeywell Vista-128FBP. The burglary protection provided with this system is surprisingly easy to use and convenient. There are four burglary modes, including: stay, away, instant, and maximum. Your setting selection determines what sensors will be activated. Enjoy protection even when your system is disarmed with chime mode, that lets you know when doors and windows are opened or closed.


Honeywell Vista-128FBP


Rest assured that with this security system, you’ll always know what’s happening at your business, even when you’re not there. This system comes with great alarm memory and storage. When an alarm condition occurs, the keypad displays the zone number with the problem, and type of condition that occurred. This event will remain in the event log until cleared from disarming system.