Control your whole home from the palm of your hand with the Lynx Touch 5210. With a simple touchscreen keypad you can control the lights, garage door, and even thermostat. You can even have control of your home when you’re on the go, with our Total Connect app, that can be download right to your tablet or smartphone.

Easy To Use: While business and homeowners love the Lynx Touch 5210, for a variety of reasons. Our large icons allow for anyone to see icons on the touchscreen keypad. Choose between a 4.7” screen which allows you to view one video at a time, or a 7” screen which can allow you to watch 4 videos at the same time. Each touch screen keypad is highly intuitive, with functionality like that of an Ipad. Simply click the feature you want from the screen and no longer worry about complicated codes. Want more with the Lynx Touch 5210? Add camera to any home for even more security! Plus, the Lynx Touch 5210 includes GSM radio protocol that supports both AT&T and Rogers networks. The built-in 85 bD sounder with voice siren creates a steady output for burglaries and other trigger events.

A Mode For Every Event: The Lynx Touch 5210 comes with two convenient modes, “Away,” and “Stay.” On “Stay” mode, residents can move freely around the house, and you’ll only receive an alert when protected doors and windows open. Away mode sends an alarm when movement or openings of windows and doors are detected.
Lynx Touch 5210
No more annoying sounds: Choose the alarm that you prefer with the Lynx Touch 5210. No longer will you have to endure any noise, choose between chime, voice, or silent when movement for doors and windows open.
Z-Wave: Working with Z-Wave, the Lynx Touch 5210 can now automatically shut off your homes water valves when a leak is detected. That means you’ll never have to worry about costly floods and water damage in the home! Z-wave also allows homeowners to control lighting. locks, thermostats from remotely. In conjunction with the Honeywell Total Connect Remote Services, users can control thermostats, locks, lighting, receive alerts and more, wherever they use their smart devices. Use up to three thermostats, four door locks, forty devices, and sunrise/sunset lighting control with the Lynx Touch 5210 system.


Lynx Touch 5210


Save Money: Our company offers the lowest cost alarm communication through a Wi-Fi module and remote services solution. We save our customers installation time and reduce monthly operating costs  with through this unique option.

A Solution For The Entire Home: With the Lynx touch 5210 security system, you’ll be able to connect your entire home. Connect your garage door, add weather alerts to your system, and use the remote software to stay up-to-date.

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