ProdataKey Smart Access Control will completely change the way you do business, for the better! This versatile system is the leading innovator of access control. Let us at Security Portland install it for you. As a silver certified installer, we provide each of our customers with a lifetime equipment warranty. Make the smart choice, let Security Portland install ProdataKey Smart Access Control for you, today.

Benefits of ProdataKey Smart Access Control:

  • Provides direct connections and pro wireless network
  • Built-in power supply and battery backup
  • Solid state storage that can hold years of data
  • Remote connectivity that works with any web interface
  • All data automatically backs up to ProdataKey secure remote data center
  • Small platform controls hundred of doors

Our customers are important to us, that’s why we use the latest technology for smarter and smaller access control devices, saving you money. This substantial size difference, compared to legacy systems, provides more control in less space. If you want a system that’s flexible, scalable, reliable, and cost effective, ProdataKey Smart Access Control system is the right choice for you.

ProdataKey Smart Access Control

Eight door closed wireless ProdataKey controller

The ProdataKey Smart Access Control system is unlike any other. Each door controller is integrated with high-speed connection, allowing for quick connection back to the Access control panel through pro-wireless, network, or direct communication. Want to know if your connection will work? Each connection type will work with ProdataKey Smart Access Control.

ProdataKey Smart Access Control single

ProdataKey single door controller

Our single door controller has revolutionized door access. Each system, although compact, contains a high or low voltage input power supply, that allows it to be mounted anywhere, allowing it to locate the door controller, and eliminates looms of access wires throughout your building. While each controller can control up to eight doors, there is room in the enclosure to mount a second eight door controller, to connect a total of sixteen doors on up to twenty floors.

Each ProdataKey Smart Access Control installed by Security Portland can provide unlimited card holders, years of event storage, battery backup, and auto-backup for data. Each panel can be programed and serviced remotely, from anywhere in the world with just a laptop or mobile device with internet connection. Additionally, the ProdataKey Smart Access Control system software can run on any PC you currently own. There’s no licensing costs to using this software. Try our mobile app to gain functionality of doors and reports form mobile devices.

Let’s get started making your business a safer place with the ProdataKey Smart Access Control system.