ZeroWire Security system

ZeroWire is the smarter solution to home and business security. This amazing new system can help you consolidate many different tasks into an all-in-one system. It’s the perfect solution for busy business owners and homeowners alike.

ZeroWire UltraSync App


The ZeroWire system can be controlled through the UltraSync app. Have full control of your system, even when on the go, through your tablet, smartphone, or other web-enabled device. This software is free for iOS and Android devices. Here’s just a few things that you can do with the UltraSync app:

  • Arm/ disarm system
  • View live and prerecorded video
  • See sensor statuses
  • Turn on/off lights
  • Adjust the thermostats
  • Add and remove users
  • Update profiles
  • Create temporary accounts
  • View system history


ZeroWire easy to install

Save Money: Some security systems can be pricey, requiring hours of installation and upkeep. That’s not the case with the ZeroWire system. ZeroWire can easily be installed, programmed, and updated remotely. That means that you’ll save time and money. And with its zero wires capabilities, it can be installed virtually anywhere in your home or business: closet, utility closet, office, or even pantry. Choose the area that best fits your lifestyle.

ZeroWire home automation

Home Automation: Automate your entire home with Z-wave technology. This feature of ZeroWire allows you to control your lights, thermostats, and locks, all at once. Think of all the time you save with this all-in-one solution.

This system can handle 64 sensors, 256 users, and 20 different key fobs.

Optional Accessories: Looking for an even more robust solution? With ZeroWire you can choose between a variety of accessories to create a unique system.

  • Heat and Carbon Monoxide: With this option you can add a full line of smoke, heat, and carbon monoxide detectors in wireless and wired options. If an emergency event occurs, the highly accurate sensors will notify you of the threat.
  • Video: Add video surveillance to ZeroWire. Easily view live and recorded video from your main controller, smartphone or other web-enabled device. This is a great option for business owners wanting to check-in on employees.
  • Access Control: The perfect option for business owners, access control helps you restrict areas of your property from employees and customers. See how is entering and leaving your business, as well as creating new and temporary user codes, right from your mobile device.